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Is there a Future for Retirement?

An article by Stephen Blakely “Is There a Future for Retirement?” is available for download on SSRN. Here is the article’s abstract: This paper summarizes the presentations and discussions at the Employee Benefit Research Institute’s May 12, 2011, policy forum, … (Read More)

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Wearing Out One’s Welcome: Sitting by Designation on the Court of Appeals

The Pundit appreciates dissent. Sometimes the best dissents arrive dressed as concurrences, as in Price v Board of Trustees of the Indiana Laborer’s Pension Fund (6th Cir. Jan 2011), written by a district court judge sitting by designation on the … (Read More)

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The Pundit Enters the Blogosphere with Mild Trepidation

There are many reasons to blog.  Education, marketing, name recognition, establishing credentials, are just a few.  Many blogs provide summaries about important cases, with a tincture of commentary.  The Pundit blogs to express personal opinions and stir debate.  I write … (Read More)

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