The Pundit Enters the Blogosphere with Mild Trepidation

There are many reasons to blog.  Education, marketing, name recognition, establishing credentials, are just a few.  Many blogs provide summaries about important cases, with a tincture of commentary.  The Pundit blogs to express personal opinions and stir debate.  I write critically about legal positions and judicial decisions but without any ill will.  I hope my voice is not lost in the voluminous mediocrity of the internet, and that any offense taken will be forgiven.  Whether we represent participants and beneficiaries, or plans and their administrators, we share common goals—ensuring that ERISA plans provide a viable safety net for employees and their families, many of whom could not afford to purchase individual coverage, and that employers can afford and choose to offer these voluntary ERISA plans in the first place.  But we vehemently disagree how those common goals are best achieved.  Giving abundant disclaimers and all rights reserved, The Pundit now enters the blogosphere with feisty hope and mild trepidation.

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